Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decision Have Been Made.

We have made the decision to go back to school, and this involves moving from our wonderful valley. Johnathan has wanted to become and Architect for several years now and we have nothing stopping us now, but our own worries. He had three semesters at BYU-Idaho and then a two to three years for a Masters of Architecture. It has been a long hard decision because he will need to work, and go to school while I stay home and take care of the children. It is going to be a hard few years but with the Lords help we can survive and be better off in the long run. Wish us Luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tysons Birthday

Well we had a fun time with Tysons Birthday. We have never really had a party for him so we decided now was the time. I spent three hours decorating his cake and minutes before the guests arrived Casey raked his hands throught it and destroyed it. Oh Well! It still tasted good. We had some friends over and had a BBQ. He got some fun gifts and the kids enjoyed playing on the tramp and swingset.

I can't believe is so big, it just seems like I had him not long ago. He is super cute in his glasses and he is so fun. I guess before I know it he will be playing football and chasing the girls. That remindes me he had football camp over his birthday and he really enjoyed it. He would come home and show Andie the things that he learned. I think that he is really good at sports because he is built for it. I guess we have a lot of fun years to look forward to spending time with him. Happy Birthday my big boy!!!