Sunday, September 6, 2009

Downata Hotsprings!!

We had a whole lot of fun. We left Friday after school and got there in time to have some hot dogs and potato salad for dinner. We hung out and played on the playground and checked out the pool then got in our jammies. Jenna cried for just a few minutes and then fell asleep. Andie and Tyson slept in my parents trailer and Casey stayed with us. Everyone slept really well until about 3:00 a.m when 3 trains came by blowing their horns one right after another. The guy next to us brought his dogs and so they started to bark, both Jenna and Casey woke up. After about 30 min and a bottle everyone settled back down and fell back asleep.

We were up by 7:30, but the pool didn't open until 11:00 so we had breakfast and then Jenna went down for a nap while the kids played in the sand. Finally it was time to swim and we all headed out. The pool was very warm and then kids had a blast. There were 3 water slides that whet into the main pool and Andie and Tyson had a so much fun shooting out of them. Casey was content to play in the little area and Mom and Dad had Jenna most of the time.

Jonathan, Andie and I went over to the big slides for a while, "The Black Hole," and "The Dragon." The Black Hole drops about 100 feet into the ground the shoots you around a corner and spits out out 15 seconds later. Johnathan's face was priceless the first time he went down. I screamed like a little girl! The Dragon is more than twice as long as the slide in Thermop and goes around in a couple of circles, it is a really big tube and you can go down it on a mat. Andie and Tyson went on that one. Finally the kids were hungry and tired so we headed back to camp.

After a BIG lunch we all settled down for naps. Two hours later we geared back up and headed back to the pool. The kids had fun again on the slides and then finally Andie said she wanted to go to the Black Hole. Johnathan and I headed over there with her and she boldly walked up there and headed down. She was SOOO excited when she got done and she went on it two more times. I don't know how many times Johnathan went down, but I stuck to the Dragon. Dad was content to play with Jenna in the pool. Finally it was time for dinner so we drug the tired wet kids back to camp.

Dinner was a tin foil dinner in the crock pot. It was really yummy and then we had ice cream for dessert. We tried a chocolate cake in the dutch oven but it seemed to cook forever and we finally just put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves. Same sleeping arrangements and everyone slept really good until 6:15 when another train came though. We were up and going, had breakfast then went on our pioneer hike enjoying nature. Then we packed up and came home. Camping trip a success!!! We had a lot of fun and the kids were great. It was a nice end of summer camping trip.