Friday, June 27, 2008


Andie turned seven in March. She is my smarty pants! This Sept. she will start second grade and she can hardly wait, summer is jut to long for her. She was so happy when Jenna came just four days after her birthday. She kept asking me to have Jenna on her birthday, but I told her it wouldn't be as cool as she thought it would be to share a birthday with a little sister. But needless to say Andie was thrilled to finally have a sister. It is a good thing too because she told us that if it was a boy she "wouldn't love it!"

Andie is our learner, and our artist. Last year she was put with a group of gifted artists at school, she did some amazing artwork for her age group. She also teasted at a third grade reading level in the middle of the year. She really loves to read and she can devoure a chapter book in a matter of days. I can only hope that her love of learning can continue as she gets older.

She is also in love with acting and singing. This past Christmas she participated in a community play and she loved every minute of it. She still sings the songs that she learned, it is kind of weird hearing Christmas songs in June, but she enjoys it. I think if she continues to enjoy theater we will try to get her in other plays and things. I want her and I to sing in church, but I guess I just need to get it set up, I think it would be a great experiance for us both.


Tyson is my physical child. He can knock over a NFL Linebacker and keep on running, or snuggle with you to your hearts content. I would say he is my most lovable kid and my most active. Last year we signed him up for football camp and at the ripe old age of four he showed them how to play the game! We got him a football for Christmas the year before and for a while he acctually slept with it. We have him signed up for camp again this year and he is really looking forward to it.

Even though he will be turning five in July I am going keep he home again this year. He doesn't share his sisters love of learning, although he is super brite! He enjoys working on the Alphabet and writing and drawing he doesn't quite have the ability to sit and listen yet. He will be attending preschool and he is excited about that, I am too because it will be one less kid for two hours on Tuesday and Thrusday.

Tyson recently got glasses. I took him for a School screening and found out that he was nearly blind in his right eye he was going to stop using that eye soon and it would have become a lazy eye. He is doing really good at waring them, but his has broken them and mangled them a bit over the past few months, but he is learning. I also think he looks stinken cute in them. He defanatly is one very special little boy, and I am so glad he is in our family!


Casey is Mister Personality! As number three he had to learn to livewithout some things, and what he missed out in he makes up for with his joyful personality. He never goes a moment without doing something noteworthy. His face and body expressions are enought to make the grumpiest old man smile. On top of that he is a mans man, we fought him for months to go into nursery at church, but the second a guy came into the room he was happy as a clam. I guess he was born ready to hang with the guys. It might have something to do with the fact that his daddy watched football during labor, and almost immediatly after the birh.

Casey is so differant than the other kids. He was born with silver blond hair that stuck up three inches from the top of his head. The color didn't change, so he is very different looking and his dark dark eyelashes are so long they frame is blue eyes beautifully. He also is more content to, just be, than Andie and Tyson. He can play for hours by himself, or with the dog and not need to be entertained in the least. He is generally easy going and happy, althought the terrible twos and threes have taken a toll on his bubbly personality. Never the less a silly face is never far away.

Casey has shown some interest in music and learning although untill recently we havn't been able to understand a single thing he has said. I think he is just more interested in taking it all in, than talking, again I think that is because he is so easy going. He is also far more interested in helping Daddy, he follows Johnathan around and is always willing to lend a hand, helpful or not. He is defanatly a personality we love having around.


Jenna is the sister of suprise! We were a bit supised and overwhelmed when we learned she would be joining our family. My Father-in-law likes to say "When you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." Well that is what happend with Jenna. We had a garage sale and got rid of all our baby stuff, we were going to be done. Well two weeks later I was pregnant! After the initial shock we started prepairing for a new baby.

Andie was so excited when we found out it was a girl, she waited a long time for a sister. Even Tyson was excited, he is a very good big brother! Well after 17 weeks of being really sick and two rather large months, four days after Andies B-day I want into labor on my own (a first for me.) The story is rather long and pretty scary, but after a very short and intensly painful labor, Johnathan safely delivered, or rather, caught, Jenna at 6:25 am. How many dads get to say that!?!

Since her arrival she has been a joy. The only one who really had a hard to adjusting was Cookie, my dog, but she has gotten better. Jenna is a great eater, as apperant in her rapid weight gain. She was born just as diggerent as Casey, but compleaty opposit. She has dark hair like Johnathans and her eyes are the darkest blue I have ever seen. On top of being extreamly beautiful she is very happy and content. I also have some really good helpers who are almost always willing to help giver her lots of loves and attention.

Now at almost four months she has developed such a fun personality and has really made her place in our family. Even though we were suprised to have her, we wouldn't trade her for the world.

Crazy Days!

We have a family reunion this summer in Island Park and I have been franticly trying to make stuffed animals for the family auction we have to raise money for future reunions. In trying to finish them I have compleatly let my house go to the kids. I walked into the kitchen this morning to find no clean cups and a sink full of dishes. AHHHH! Who wouldn't put a dishwasher in a house? If we were not renting I would march right out today and get one! It is hard to put projects away and do responsible mommy things, like clean the house and fold that load of laundry that has been in the dryer (it's dry) for two days. Of course if I wasn't posting on here I would be getting somethng done. : ) Oh well, like that country song says, "I'm going to miss this." Right???