Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Day of School!

Andie and Tyson headed out for the first day back to school, but no only was it the first day for everyone, but it really was Tyson's FIRST day! He was so excited this morning that when my mom called to wish him luck he told her "She talked to much." He was waiting for the bus and she was taking much longer talking to him than he wanted.

We all went out and waited together for the bus and when it finally arrived, Tyson jumped on like it was going to leave without him. He was so excited that he ran to the very back of the bus. When he realized Andie had stopped he went back and sat with her.

The rest of us decided to meet them at the school and get a few pictures. Tyson hit the ground running and it was like pulling teeth to get a picture of him at his classroom. Then he ran down the hall and was done with us. We stopped in at Andie's classroom and she was ready to learn. I think she is going to have a good year and I am excited to talk to her when she gets home.

I met Tyson at the bus this afternoon and I asked him. "What was the first thing you did!" Instantly he said, "I had to sit down!" HAHAHA What a crack up! He did talk and talk and talk about the rest of the day and he is ready and excited to go again tomorrow.

Casey and I worked on the alphabet song and then hung out while Jenna napped, on top of that I got the kitchen clean and the living rooms picked up. We also went to the store and played outside for a bit. Overall it was a painless first day and I hope Andie has lots of good things to report when she gets home!