Friday, May 14, 2010

Packing, Garage Sale, Moving

Always something at our house. Like I mentioned before Johnathan was offered a very nice job with Walsh Engineering and we accepted it. Because of that we decided that we should move to Idaho Falls. After about two days of looking we stumbled across a nice sized home on the west side for rent and a few days later we found out that we could have it. Now we are planning a move. The kids are done with school on the 27th of this month and we are headed out on the 28th. It will be nice to be moved and out of the boxes and mess that we have made in he house.

Tomorrow we are having a garage sale in hopes that we can get rid of a few things so we don't have to haul it off to the new house. The kids are kind of excited about being able to sale a few of their things to help with the Disneyland fund for next summer. It is going to be a wonderful warm day tomorrow and so we are going to enjoy the sun.

The best part about the move is that for two years Johnathan has been traveling from Rexburg to Idaho Falls everyday about 28 miles one way to an 8 minute drive one way. It will be very good for time and money of travel. Over all we are excited about this next adventure in our lives.