Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years!

Well just like every year there are resolutions to be made. What are some of yours? I try really hard to do a whole bunch and really better myself over the year, but that gets really hard when life gets in the way and pretty soon you weigh more than before and the house isn't any cleaner and the kids are still watching to much TV and then one night a stranger walks into your house and you introduce yourself to your husband! So this year I am taking the approach to work on three main goals and then the others will be a bonus if I can manage the first ones. So I want you to think of your top three and see if you can stick with it. Mine are as follows.

1. Read my Scriptures and Pray more often. I know this seems like two, but if I do them at the same time each day then it is really one. :)

2. Date my Husband. I know, I know, we have been married for nine years and, why date? Well because he is sexy, and handsome, sweet and gentle and I want to get to know that all over again!

3. Spend more time with the kids. Now this isn't, sit next to them while they watch TV or play Xbox, this is read with them, play with them, talk with them, take them with me when I run errands, camp, swim, chase, tickle, teach and learn with them, be more like a parent and less like a babysitter.

So there they are, my top three. Some of the others go something like this.

1. Get in better shape, so both two and three can be more fun. (Wink wink)
2. Go to the Temple more.
3. Finish another manuscript.
4. Make menus.
5. Stay on top of my laundry.
6. Enjoy life more.
7. Be more positive.
8. Take a trip.
9. Be more supportive.
10. Wright more thank you cards!

So put some thought into it, that's not the hard part, and make a list. Don't be to hard on yourself when next year rolls around and you are only a few pounds lighter and you house is only a bit cleaner...every little bit counts!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

We are patently waiting for the kiddies to knock off into dream land then Santa's Elves will go to work! So much to do, a red wagon to put together, a doll house to furnish and populate, Lincoln Log houses to build, and stockings to fill. We have been so blessed this year and we are so thankful for all those who helped make our Christmas festive and bright! I hope that you can all enjoy your evening of setting up and snack eating (someones got to eat all those cookies!)

Also a grateful thanks to our Heavenly Father for sending the true meaning of Christmas into our lives. How very blessed we are to know of our Savor and his unending love for us! It may be about presents and stockings to the world, but in our hearts we should never stray far from the truest meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus to Mary in a stable lowly. Oh that blessed event, and how wonderful a gift was given to us that night, may we NEVER forget!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sleepy Boy

The other night Casey had really had it with the day. He had gotten up early and no matter how hard I tried he would not take a nap. Well dinner time rolled around and he had been in a VERY bad mood but it would be bed time soon so we were just putting up with him. We got everyone around the table and Casey was upset about not having toast yet so I gave him a piece and we said prayer, three minutes later I look over and his head is bobbing back and forth and he can't keep his eyes open. Not long after that he put his head back on his chair and he was gone. We let him sleep tell we were done eating then woke him up so that he would go to sleep later that night. But I loved this picture because he looks so peaceful. Poor baby, but he was in a better mood after the quick nap and a yummy dinner.

Let it snow!

We woke up to a blanket of white this morning and it is still coming down. Johnathan and I spent forty-five minutes outside trying to dig our way out of the driveway and he was only an hour late for work driving on the bad roads, but look at all the snow! I think it has been a good two or three years sense I have seen snow like this, it is really crazy. Last night we were laying in bed and we heard some people talking out our window. The back of our house is against the church parking lot and there were four boys on sleds being pulled around by a mini van, I asked Johnathan if we should go out and play with them! They had a blast and we could hear them late into the night.

It makes me think of Christmases past and all the memories that were made as a child. I hope that we can make good memories for the kids so that they have thing to look back on, but also look forward to over the years. A couple of traditions that we have already set are that we hang the stockings Christmas Eve, we decorate the Christmas tree the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, we make treat plates for our friends and family, and spend time together making candy. This year we will add the tradition of the Christmas Elf and the story that I wrote to go with it, I think Johnathan is really excited about this one because it is so close to his family.

It is so easy to be to busy to do things, but hopefully the traditions that we are working on will help us slow down a bit so that we can spend the kind of time we should with our family. After Johnathan left this morning Andie and I made Christmas ornaments and we are listening to Christmas Music, the snow outside is really helping to set the mood. Merry Christmas and I hope that you guys can get find the traditions that you want for your families and can spend many Happy Holidays with each other.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Blessings

This morning as I sat eating my Cinnamon toast I looked out over my yard and marveled at how beautiful it was. Andie was waiting for the bus and I watched as she laid down in the snow and enjoyed the chilly winter morning. The yard looks like God sprinkled a generous amount of powdered sugar all over everything, and the tiny snowflakes glistened in the sun. God is truly magnificent to create such splendor and beauty. Full of the Christmas Spirit I hurried to finish Christmas presents and enjoy time home with my little ones. The Lord has given us so many blessings, from the smallest snowflake to the immense love that is in my family, and I am truly grateful. Merry Christmas and Truly a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ode to Johnathan

My Hubby had his 33 birthday yesterday, so he is getting really close to being old! I have to give him a hard time because he is four years older than me, so if he is old I can still be young. :) But because I have had the privilege of having him in my life for almost ten years I thought I would pay tribute to my favorite person in the whole world!

First off, Johnathan is one of the kindest people I know. Don't get me wrong, yes he still gets mad, and no he doesn't like everyone, but he is a great friend to have around when you need one.

Next as far as a husband and father goes, there is none better. Johnathan would work in the dirt under a house in the snow to make sure we are taken care of, I know this, because he did once. He loves each of his children and has made a special effort to let them know it. I think he has a wonderful relationship with each of them, and they know their daddy loves them. As for me, I am the luckiest person alive. Johnathan treats me like a queen, and he loves me ever thought I look nothing like I did when we first met. There is nothing better than a husband that makes you feel sexy after having four kids.

Overall I hope that everyone can see what a wonderful guy we have and I hope to have many more Happy Birthdays with him! Love you Baby!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Elves

When Johnathan was younger they had a Christmas tradition to put a hand made Christmas Elf on the tree. It was made by Grandma Duncan and every year one of the children got to put it on the tree however and wherever they would like. About two years ago Mom Duncan made one for all of her children and so we got one sent to our family. Johnathan has enjoyed the memories that he has of his childhood and the Elves so we decided this year that each of the children would get their own so that they can start making memories with it, then take it with them when they leave home.

These are the finished product, a little bit different than the original but hopefully it has the same meaning as Grandma wanted. I also came up with a little story about them so that the kids could have something to tell to their children. It is no completely factual, mostly because Grandma has passed away so we can never get the true story, but I thought it added a nice touch. Before I printed it out and was sure to run it past Johnathan, after all it is his tradition and his Grandmother that mad the first Christmas Elf. After his approval I printed it out to be read to the children Christmas Eve when we will present them with their very own Elf. Hopefully this will be a lasting tradition and that the children can find as much joy in it as Johnathan has. The story follows:

The Christmas Elf

One Christmas a very, long time ago Great-Grandma Duncan was struggling with what she should give to her children and their families that year. She had grown tired of the store bought gifts, and was perhaps a little low on money, but she longed to give something from the heart. For days she thought about all manner of gifts talking them all over with Grandpa, but nothing seemed right, and to her dismay the days crept onward towards Christmas.

Then one day as she sat watching the snow fall out her window she saw three tiny, lacy
Snowflakes land onto the window pane. Marveling at how unique every single one was, she sat for a long time examining every icy curve and corner. This made her think of her family, and how everyone of them was special to her, how everyone was different. Her heart swelled with love, and she knew what she needed to do. She needed something that would let them all know how much she loved them, someone to watch over them after she was gone, a reminder of sorts. Suddenly she knew what she needed to do!

Late into the night Grandpa watched her work. Her aged hands flew as she cut and sewed, pinned and glued. First one, then two, three, four, and five, they came from her heart, and each one was perfect for its intended family. Then, as the sun peeked its head over the horizon she was done. Grandma smiled as she sat back to admire her work, they were perfect. Five little Christmas Elves sat on the table looking back at her, they were just as she imagined.

Grandpa helped her wrap them up and send them out to their beloved children. The hope was that every year at Christmas time the elf would sit in the tree, looking over the family, reminding them of how much they are loved. Truly a gift of the heart, a lasting memory of the Grandparents that care so much for them, and their desire for peace and happiness in the homes of all of those they loved.

Now this year you receive your Christmas Elf. Let it be symbol of all that is good and right with the world. Let it remind you of the past, the present and the future. The Elf that sits on our tree was made for Daddy as a special gift from Grandma Duncan and now you get your very own from us to share with your future families. Set it with care every Christmas season to watch over you and your home, a constant reminder of those who love you!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nine Months Old

Our little Jenna is nine months old today. Man how time flies, and she seems just as eager to grow up as time is to move forward. She continues to amaze me everyday. There is something about her that drives her to develop much faster than any of the other kids, I don't know if that is because she wants to be big, or she wants to give her mommy and ulcer. She is crawling like a demon, she will see what she wants then tuck her head down and go for broke, it is really cute to watch because she looks like a little bug. She can pull herself up to ANYTHING and now is experimenting with letting go and standing all by herself. The first time she dropped to her bum she was a bit surprised, but now she does it over and over again, trying to figure something out I am sure.

We have had to raise the rail on her bed and drop the matrice after she figured out how to climb out, she was lucky she didn't land on her head! Nothing is safe and she can go anywhere in the house in five minutes flat. She has moved into the "Helpful" stage when she wants her hands on everything even if it ISN'T helpful. She is a good eater and will eat anything, but she refuses to take a bottle, it doesn't matter what is in it. Her naps are GREAT, but we need to work on not getting up three times at night, mommy is getting really tired!

Over all she is a wonderful, happy, delightful baby and we love having her in our home! Her personality is one to cherish and we are so glad that God slipped her in, even though we weren't looking for her. Happy 9 month birthday Jenna!

Almost a Week.

So last Sat. Johnathan twisted his ankle jumping our of the back of the truck. Sunday I convinced him to stay home with his foot up, all with the bribe of lots of Football, and so he agreed that would be best. Monday, of course, he felt like he should go to work and so Monday night his leg hurt really bad and the swelling was really bad. Tuesday I talked him into staying home and then I went out to DI and found a walking boot cast and a crutch. Wednesday he wrapped his ankle and wore the boot and he said his foot felt a lot better. On top of that his boss gave him her reserved parking spot right next to the building so that he would not have to walk the 4 blocks he normally would. So last night we decided to take some more pictures and after wearing the boot, icing his ankle every night for several hours and taking it really easy this is the end result. Hopefully by this time next week he will be as good as new.

As you can see there is still a lot of bruising.

And the Ankle is still quite swollen and tender.

We are not sure why the toes are bruised, we wondered if maybe he dropped the slab on them at some point in the whole thing, but we don't know. (Oh and NO is toe is not broken, that is just the way it is...weird hu?)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prayer of Thanks!

My friend posted a great idea on her blog so I wanted to challenge everyone who reads this to do the same.

Her Visiting Teachers came the last week and gave a message out of the Ensign about Thanks. Then they challenged her to say one Prayer of Thanks every day, when all you do is say the things you are thankful for, not ask for anything. She said that the first few prayers were difficult for her because she had to really think about the things she was saying. So I thought that during this Holiday Season this would be a good thing to try. Starting today I am going to say one Prayer of Thanks a day for a week and see how I feel when I am done. I challenge you all to do the same!

Goofing Around

Johnathan and I were goofing around last night wrapping Christmas presents and in a bag we got from Mom and Dad Duncan we found these hats and this woman's wig. It makes me laugh just thinking about it! The hat of course is WAY to small for Johnathan, but I couldn't help taking the picture, he looks SOOO funny. Then I put the wig on and was amazed at how stupid I look! We got a good laugh out of it, and sometimes you just need to do something silly!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Johnathan is broken!

This past weekend Johnathan went to help his parents get moved out of the house so they can be ready for their mission. He took Tyson with him and even thought there was quite a bit of snow they made it home safe and sound last night around 7:30. After getting the kids settled a bit I went out to help him unload the truck and we got everything out but the Marble Slab and a dresser. Johnathan picked the slab up and jumped out of the back of the truck.

Now this was a bad idea for several reasons and I will name just a few. The slab is about 3 1/2 feet long, 1 1/2 feet wide and only weighs about 150 lbs! Next Johnathan was tired from loading, unloading, loading, unloading, loading and unloading about 5 times yesterday. Next driving 12 hours over two days will take a toll. And lastly, He is NOT 18 anymore, as a matter of fact in 11 days he will be 33 years old!

Ok, on with the story. Johnathan jumps out of the truck with this "little rock" and CRACK! Yep his ankle. Luckily he didn't drop the slab and break it into pieces, but he couldn't move so I had to move the slab (remember how heavy I said it was?) By the time we got him in the house and his shoe off the ankle was swollen to twice its size. Thankfully it is NOT broken, but it is a nasty sprain and he will be off his feet for a while.

The thing I get a kick out of is that they traveled over yucky roads, no problems. The loaded and unloaded his truck over and over again, no problems. We got almost everything unloaded and THEN he decided to be Super Man, BIG PROBLEMS!!! I am just really grateful that it wasn't worse than it is.

This is just 18 hours after the accident.

This is 24 hours after the accident.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I am Thankful for

Well sense tomorrow is Thanksgiving I thought I would post some of the things I am thankful for. I know that it would take me all day and about seven pages to say everything so I will just name a few.

1. Johnathan, over the past nine years I have had the privilege of having him in my life. There have been some really hard times, but with him we can get though. One thing I learned early on was that he will always take care of me and the children, no matter what it takes. He loves me even thought I can be a bit dramatic, emotional, crazy, eccentric, scatterbrained and so on. He loves me even thought I have not always been at the top of my game. There is so much of him that I know I could never live without and I look forward to the next years of our life and I am so thankful that he will be my Eternal Companion!

2. The children, Andie, Tyson, Casey, and Jenna. They all have a very dear place in my heart, and I love them all unconditionally. As a teen growing up you can never fathom that you could love anyone more than yourself. Then you get married and that love is so much more than you could ever think possible. Then the babies come and your heart swells with so much love that you feel like you may burst. I get this feeling every time one of them loves me, kisses me, wants me to hold them, looks at me and most especially, needs me. Sometimes I feel like I may loose my mind, but then I realized that Crazy in Love is a great way to be. I thank my Heavenly Father for my babies!

3. The Gospel. I know that without it my life would be meaningless. Through it I have an Eternal Marriage, that means I get to be with my Sweetheart forever! Also that my children will be mine forever, and all those that I love and hold dear to my heart will be with me forever. What is a greater gift than that. Also the knowledge that I am a Daughter of God. I can be cleaning the toilet, not showered for days and at my wits end, but I am a chosen Daughter of God and that makes it ok.

4. Service. I have had the opportunity to serve a Lady in our ward. What a blessing, I have learned so much about endurance, pain, happiness and being grateful. I have truly been blessed for helping her and in turn she has helped me.

5. Struggles and Hardships. This may seem strange, but through these I have truly learned how to trust in my Heavenly Father and turn to him when I need strength. Also these have brought Johnathan and I together in a bond that I believe will never break. We have become stronger people, seeking to make it in this hard world, and learning new tricks and talents to live a happy life. I am glad (most of the time) that we have learned to struggle.

There are so many other things, Family, the Temple, Friends, Everyday amenities, Food, Clothes, Happiness, Gifts, Talents, and Love. If I could spend half the time I do thinking about all the things we need or want and instead focus on all that we have that is good I should be far better off. I hope that this next year I can learn to be even more thankful for all that I have, because I am truly blessed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Casey!

Yesterday was Casey's third birthday! He was excited about opening his presents and he enjoyed the frosting off of his birthday cupcake. It is hard to believe that three years ago he was starting his life with us, I am so happy that he choose to come to our family! He was super excited about the shoes that Grandma and Grandpa Coyne got him, and he took the dozens of stickers he got from Grandma and Grandpa Duncan to bed with him. Andie and Tyson gave him a Thomas the Train Helicopter and he fell in love with it instantly. All night he kept saying heladoter, heladoter, over and over and over again. He woke up around 3:40 this morning and would not go back to sleep, just laid in his bed and played with his Heladoter. I think I may bribe him to take a nap today!

Over all we had a fun little party with him and enjoyed the whip cream off of his waffles about as much as the frosting on the cupcakes. Casey we love you to death and our family would be so different without your winning personality. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Locks of Love

Several weeks ago Johnathan and I were having a conversation when the foundation Locks of Love was mentioned. Andie overheard us and asked what that was. I did my best to explain that they use children's hair to make wigs for other children who have a need for them. Andie was obsessed with this concept and she had me trim her hair immediately and started taking really good care of her hair. About every other day she had me measure it to see if it was long enough. I thought it needed to be 12 inches, but I decided to check on Saturday so I could give Andie the correct information. The web site said it only needed to be 10 inches, and when we measured her hair it was long enough!!!

Johnathan was out for the morning so I told Andie that we could go with he got home. She danced around the house and kept asking when it would be time to go. We measured it over and over to make sure there was enough, and I kept telling her it would be pretty short. She didn't care all she wanted was to get it cut. When Johnathan got home we headed out and she anxiously got up in the chair at the hair dresser. I thought she would be sad when it was all done, but instead she was beaming with pride. She told everyone at the beauty shop what she was doing and the girl that cut her hair made a big deal out of it. I will take her with me today to mail it off, she is excited that she got to help a little girl just like herself. Andie, I am so proud of you for helping others!

Check out the Foundation here:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Congratulations Ben!!!

For those of you who don't know, by youngest brother graduated from Basic Training today and I just wanted to put a huge shout out to the world that I am one super proud big sister! Ben has really had some struggles in life, and he has made some poor choices, but about a year ago he told me that he wanted to go into the arm. I didn't try to talk him out of it, but I wasn't to happy with him either. I hoped he would serve a mission and then marry in the temple. Towards the end of his Junior year he chose a different path and ran into some trouble, both physically, and spiritually. I think our love kept him going, and he came back and was able to attend Hillcrest his senior year. Then at the end of the year he ran into some more trouble and didn't graduate with his class. We were disappointed, but we encouraged him to get his diploma. A week later he took a test and passed the class he needed.

The day before he left for Basic I talked to him briefly about the church and what he believed. He told me that the Gospel wasn't that important to him right now. I didn't want to push him, but before he got on the plane I gave him his Book of Mormon and asked him to read the note in the back that I had written, and two marked scriptures. He said he didn't want it and I told him to read the things I asked him to, then he could throw it in the garbage. I also gave him a letter, letting him know how I felt about a lot of things.

The letters started coming, most encouraging. He was attending church, and reading the scriptures, later he told me of his conversation and some of the things that he had experienced. He could truly see the Lords hand in his life, and I couldn't have been happier. Now he is looking to become an Elder and he has spoken with the Bishop and worked through the repentance process. I was thrilled to hear from him the other day when he gushed about how much he has changed, and how I will be so surprised because he is a different person. I can't wait to see him tomorrow, because I truly believe he has changed.

Tomorrow we are having a surprise welcome home party and I made a cake. The family will be there and we are going to have dinner and then spend time with Ben before he leaves for Colorado. This has been a time of change for all of us, but I am still so proud that Ben has started making correct choices and has found direction in his life. I love him with all of my heart! Congratulations Ben for finishing Basic and good luck with your next venture, may God be with you always.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I don't know why this continually eludes me. I will come up with some kind of schedule and work on it for about a week and then everything goes to pot. I get overwhelmed by the task at hand and then I just stop trying all together. Now in my short life time I have found out a few things about myself. One, I want to be organized. Two, I can see how to be organized. Three, I can't get organized enough to figure out how to stay organized. What a dilemma!

So this morning I want to clean my house. This would be a much less daunting task if...over the weekend we had done ANYTHING by way of keeping the house clean. Just like every other weekend we worked in the yard, played with the kids, ate, slept, watched TV and trashed the house. Monday morning, like usually, I wake up to piles of clothed, toys, shoes, Sunday papers, scriptures and the lot strewn around my living room like little evil piles of crap, and as usual the Back Hoe doesn't fit in the house so I have to clean it up all on my own.

How can I avoid this next week, or the week after? How can I get my children and husband to realize that the living room floor is not the laundry basket? How can I keep from doing Saturday night dishes on Monday? The answer is...Organization. So now that I have an answer to my questions, I just need to figure out how to get organized so that I can be organized and...THAT I can't seem to figure out!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Jenna got her first tooth yesterday, you can feel its little sharp crown just above her gums. I can't believe she is growing so fast. Her second tooth is also right ready to come out! The other day I put her down for a nap and I heard a loud thump, hurrying to her room I found her on the floor, she had somehow managed to get up and over the railing. It scared me more than it did her I think, so needless to say we have put the mattress down as low as it can go and now we raise the bar. It is hard to think about her getting big SOOO fast, before we know it she will be asking for the car keys! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So later today I plan on casting my vote for the next President of the United States. Months of arguments and plans, decisions, and banter have graced my TV screen and yelled from the car radio, all trying to sway my choice one way or another. Most of them I ignored, some I laughed at, and others bothered me to the core. I could never figure out why we have to fight against each other, and put people down, just to claim the top of the governmental hill. How has slander and lies become the American people so? If someone truly wanted to run an honest, respectful cam pain, would they survive in the mayhem that is politics? I truly doubt it.

But not this morning thousands rush to the polls to make the name they see most fit to run this country. It is our right as citizens to pick the leader of the free country, but do we do it with all the seriousness that we should. Do we look at every idea, every vow, every so said truth and scrutinized it? Do we push aside all prejudice and examine the ideas at hand, giving them every minute the attention that we did the football game last night? And if not, why?

There will be those empowered women who march to the booths to mark the name for a Female VP; proudly stating, "Yes we are FINALLY moving up in the eyes of government!" Or the African American that makes that dot simply because the color of someones skin? Or the skin head who would rather see Binladin taking the throne than anyone of color! How many of us are voting Republican, because we are a republican? How many of us are voting Democrat because Bush is a Republican? How many of us vote for change, when we truly know there will be none, government is government, is government.

To those who studied, vote with confidence, and pleasure. To those of us, like me, who turned the channel, content to watch the Food Network, maybe next time when the time comes around to choose our Master and Commander, we will not lean to the side of Prejudice.

Monday, November 3, 2008


We went trick or treating with my brother and his family on Halloween and we had so much fun. The kids were wild with anticipation and it took all we had to get them eat dinner. Finally it was time to go and we headed off. Most of the houses had their lights on and the kids loved to knock on the door and wait for the candy. It did get a bit frustrating when they had to wait for Casey, so finally Johnathan or I took Casey up to the door after the other kids had left, that way they wouldn't have to wait, and Casey didn't care. Well street over there was a house with the light on, but no one answered when the kids knocked, then we saw the bowl on the step. It was the first time we had seen this so I told the kids. "One candy!" Tyson carefully sat down next to the bowl and pulled out one piece of candy from his bag and deposited in the bowl.

I had to laugh at his innocents. He just figured that he needed to do what I said, one piece! After we explained it to him, the next time we came upon this situation he was happier to take one out of the bowl instead of putting one in the bowl.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November, Novermber

Oh I love this time of year. I love the trees and the sky, everything getting ready for the coming winter. Autumn is such a beautiful time, and I think it is because of all the contrast in colors and changes in the weather. I think this is the only time of year that you see Orange, Red and Yellow displayed so vibrantly. In the spring we have rebirth, bright greens and pinks, purples and blues, but there is something comforting about fall. Everything to its season, and in my opinion fall is the beginning of a new season.

Often times this is when we start turning inward. Summer we spend so much time out and way from our homes, and our families. We spend so much time rushing around trying to accomplish every thing that we want, or need to get done in the warm weather. But then the chilly breeze sweeps in, and the sky's darken. The trees become bare and we come back home. We come back to the warmth that we need sometimes.

Also the smells of fall, spiced pumpkin, peppermint, Cinnamon rolls. Yummy, comforting, safe. It is easy to sit and watch the dark clouds swirl and twist in the sky's. Watch the orange and red whirlwinds as leaves are picked up and thrown in the air. Some nights the moon rises red and haunting, so large you could reach out and touch it. Then soon it turns pale and yellow and you know that winter has arrived. This is the time of year that you can truly think back and be thankful for all you have. I challenge you to sit some time this beautiful first week of November, with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the sky. Then think about how change has affected you this year, and how grateful you are for your life. It is so easy to think about all the hard things, but let those blow away with the leaves, the settle in for the winter and know that next year things will be different, and how much you have to look forward to with your family.

Oh November November!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Book Fair!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to help at Andie's book fair. Now a little background. I have not worked outside the home in almost eight years. I am cash register illiterate, and I gets flustered early around my peers. SOOO...I got there early so I could have time to learn whatever it was I would need to learn. The lady that was there before me ran through cash register instruction 101, very quickly and then left. Three minutes later the entire population of mothers and their children showed up, I even thought I heard different languages being spoken so they may have come from out of state or out of country...just because I was there.

Everything was going swimmingly until a lady and her two kids brought up 5 books or so. After ringing up her total she decided that they needed to put some of them back. WHAT!!! I don't know how to take books off the ticket, just add them on, that is what you are supposed to do, add books. So I think, ok, cancel the order. It was at that moment that every person in the Western United States got in line to purchase their books, and the same moment that the cash register decided to have a temper tantrum. I tried everything I could think of to make the stupid thing work, but no matter what I did it just kept freaking out.

By this time children were crying, mothers were threatening and I could hear their thoughts. "What is wrong with this woman, can't she see that we need to be somewhere else?" Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mine I heard that little voice saying, "Cut your losses and get the heck out of here!" Yet I continued on. NOW the $25.50 order had topped out at $75.50, and I was sweating so much that me, the table, and cash register were floating in a big, fat, slimy puddle.

Enter Dacia Alba, the raven haired beauty with all the answers. She slopped through my puddle and grandly reached over with her manicured fingernails, and shut the register off! Under her very capable hands the register purred to a start and gladly followed her every command, we were saved!

After that the machine ran smoothly and when Mary arrived we figured up a rough total before putting in any numbers so moms could decided if they were willing to pay the amount before we entered it in. The dragon behaved after that, and when my hour was up, I was relived. However, somewhere in a PTO meeting this coming week they will say, NEVER let Anna-Liisa, help at the book fair again!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life Lessons

In my struggles this week I have thought a lot about life lessons. Jenna is learning to pull herself up to things. Sometime when she lets go she falls, and then she cries. She is learning a lesson and it has hard, and she must not understand why she has to fall, and why it hurts. At seven months old this is a life lesson. Casey is learning about potty training. He is learning that if you don't make it to the bathroom in time there is a mess, luckily in his case I get to clean it up. :) Tyson is learning about his body, and how things work, and how sometimes things don't work like they should so we need to modify a bit, and now he wares glasses. It isn't always fun, but he knows that it is a must. Andie is learning about life, about school subjects, friends, missing people and change. All of these things at their respective ages are hard and makes them struggle some times. But they have a shield, a bumper to come to, and that is their mom and dad, me and Johnathan.

But then I think about myself, and the things I struggle with, yesterday, today and in the future, and wish that my only lesson was how to walk, or use the bathroom. And then I get the privilege of know others who struggle, just as much as I do, or even more. My friend Bonnie is laying an a hospital bed because her legs were crushed by a car. My friends Jana, Jenn, Tina, and so many like them struggle with infertility, some with no luck at all. I have other friends who struggle with illness, lack of money, job loss, and sadness.

In the past two weeks I watched as people came together so help and love each other. I saw comfort and friendship, dedication and trust, forgiveness and selflessness. But the one thing I saw most clearly was our Heavenly Father and his mercy, love, and fatherly kindness. In a way we are all learning to walk, to develop and maintain our bodies, and to struggle.

Through Pain comes great Relive,
from Sadness comes much Happiness.
Sorrow leads to Peace,
and Friendship leads to Love.

Life lesson learned, our Heavenly Father is the buffer we need to weather our trials. Friends are the supporters who make it possible. Family will love you unconditionally and pray for you, and strength can only be gained through those very trials we hope to live without.

Home is Where the Hat is!

It has been an emotional few weeks for me. I think it is lack of sleep and maybe the cool weather, but it has sure got me thinking. As most of you know we moved from the beautiful Bitterroot valley a few months ago and I have been constantly amazed at how much I miss it. While I have enjoyed being closer to my family I have struggled daily with the move. So this morning after looking at some other blogs I realized why. The valley is a beautiful place, the mountains stunning, the surroundings comfortable. Every morning it looks and feels like it does when you camp, the rich wet pine smell and the deer grazing in your back yard. Incomparable in my opinion. But that isn't what I miss the most, it is our friends.

Three years ago we moved into a little pink house on Sunset Ave. Our back windows faced the mountains and the view was breathtaking every day. The road ended just behind our house, and it was quiet and safe. Andie learned to ride her bike outside our front door, and the kids and the dog would play for hours in the fenced back yard. But we knew no one, and it was a little scary. Then something wonderful happened. We went to church, and the whole ward loved us instantly, within a week we had callings and friends. Friends!! Something that we had never experienced before. Coming from a collage ward, where no one was interested in talking with you, then suddenly it was like we were indispensable.

In the past three months I have miss most, the Sunday dinners, the impromptu FHE's, the dutch oven dinners in the mountains, camping, girls night out, play dates at the park, baby showers, shopping, Super One, Naps, phone calls, and support.

About a year ago we were driving into Missoula, and Johnathan asked me how I felt about moving when he was ready to go back to school. I feel the same way today and I did then, I never wanted to leave! They say that, "home is where the hat is." Well my hat is somewhere in the Bitterroot Valley.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Carnival

We had a good time tonight at Andies Halloween Carnival. We got everyone all dressed up, except Jenna, and my parents came up to go with us. Johnathan, Grandma and the kids went through the spook ally and they had a great time. There was a lot to do, and after dinner we went to it. Our last stop was for pictures, and then we were ready to come home! We wanted to give Grandma and Grandpa a HUGE thank you for coming with us and helping out, it would have been crazy without you guys there. Thankfully they didn't give out any candy, just some toys, and that I can handle, we are going to be getting plenty of candy next week. The kids are all looking forward to dressing up again, and Johnathan is looking forward to raiding the kids bags for his favorite candy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Andie is so glad to be back in school! I never thought I would have a child who would want to go to school so much, but she really loves it. We have been working on math together and we have come up with some really fun songs to remember the sums. Andie had to take a test and get all the problems done in 2 minutes, she was able to complete it by singing the songs in her head. I sure wish school had come so easily to me! She is also enjoying every minute on the bus, it is fun to watch her get on every day, she sits out and waits and then waves to me out the window. I can't believe that she is so big, it didn't seem like that long ago that she was Jenna's age! Time sure flies when you are having fun!


Tyson loving Gymnastics. I was watching him yesterday and he was working on cartwheels, it was amazing! I can't believe how strong he it. He is also probably my happiest kid. I was trying to get a picture of him doing a somersault, but we were laughing to hard because he would start and I would press the button to take the picture, but it wouldn't take tell after he was done. I got a lot of pictures of his feet. He has also mastered saying his alphabet, he is really smart, and has the energy of 100 people. I am really glad that we were able to get him into "Nastics."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Casey is learning to go potty in the big boy potty. Last week he went into the bathroom all by himself and took his diaper off then told me he needed to poop. That was that, now he his wearing underpants and is doing really good. He is also exploring all things big kid. The older kids were climbing trees and Casey wanted to also, so I got him up there and he took off. I didn't want him that high, but he didn't care, as long as he could be "big." We are excited for him to go to Sunbeams in January, it just seemed like yesterday when we finally talked him into liking nursery. They just grow up way to fast!


Just thought I would update on all the kids, starting with youngest first. Jenna is 7 months 3 weeks now and moving like a crazy person. She loves to go up and down the two steps from the upper to lower living rooms. She also can pull herself up to just about anything and will climb onto, into, over and around anything that gets in her way. She is busy, busy, buys! I also think she is going to get her first tooth soon, fun for me, and hopefully when that happens she will start sleeping a bit better than the last few nights! Anyway, she is growing like a weed and we love her!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to normal...sort of.

Andie is back in school and the house is calming down. Tyson is going to Gymnastics still and loves it, although he practices some pretty scary things in my front room, like front flips! Casey decided all on his own last week that he wanted to ware underpants which is ok with me, and he is doing VERY well. Jenna is a movin and a shaken, and can get anywhere in the house now in five minutes flat! Johnathan is working hard and is thankful he has a job, and I continue to wait on the Agent to see if she will accept my manuscript submission. That is the normal part of my day.

The abnormal part of my day starts with a seven month old who is trying to walk. A seven year old who acts like a thirteen year old. A five year old who is doing FRONT FLIPS in my living room, and a three year old, who is potty training himself.

I am constantly amazed at how different every one of my children are. Once I think I have things figured out, even basic things, the next child comes along and changes my mind. I guess being a mommy will never be a truly normal experience. I don't get up and go to a job that is the same everyday, I get to get up and go to a job that has surprises every second. I never know if my day is going to end the same as it did the day before. So I guess I can say that the abnormalities of being a mother are pretty normal, and no matter what my idea of normal is, it is going to change, every second of every day!

Harvest Break

I am convinced that someone came up with the concept of Harvest Break so that they could have help with, obviously, Harvest! This is a good and noble idea, and the kids love it because they don't have school. But let me fill you in on the week and a half I had with my seven year old home...NOT helping with anything, least alone harvest.

First off, Andie loves school, so she spent the entire time asking WHY she had to be home in the first place. I told her that if she wanted I could drop her off at the front door and she could hang out at the school all day, then I would be back to pick her up at 2:30. She though this was a great idea, and so did I the second, third, fourth, and subsequent days that she was here. Now I knew that I couldn't do that because I would get in trouble, child abandonment, or something, but by the end of the first week, a night in jail seemed like a trip to paradise.

The boys generally play pretty well together, but when Andie is home it is a whole new ballgame. She will play with one and not the other. She demands that she get the computer, or the toy that someone else is playing with. Over all she is a royal pain in the neck. On top of that she was hungry ALL the time. Every fifteen minutes she was asking for something to eat. If she is like this at school I feel sorry for her teacher. Finally I had to come up with projects for her to do so that she would leave the boys alone and not think she was hungry all the time. I knew that she was board, and so I tried to give her the benefit of doubt, but I am still glad that she is back at school.

So I think what I am saying is, Harvest Break is a bad idea if you are not harvesting anything, so I think that next year when this time rolls around again I will send Andie out to harvest our garden. Then, she will not be board, and she can eat whatever she likes, and the boys will leave her alone, because, who wants to spend a week and a half harvesting anything!


I was working at the table when I heard a large crash! I rushed into the living room and demanded to know what had happened. Of course it was not ones fault...yeah right! There was a huge hole in the picture window. I checked behind the couch to find a pot lid...yes I said a metal pot lid. Apparently Tyson was "throwing the Frisbee," right through our front window. I called Johnathan and let him know that Tyson was only contributing to the family budget, isn't that nice! Luckily my husband is amazing and he was able to replace the pane of glass himself and it only cost us the amount of the glass, $20. I guess I need to realize it isn't the first, or the last thing Tyson is going to be contributing to the cause.

Run for your lives!!!

The other day I was in the living room writing, and I noticed that the boys were being very quiet. I had seen them go into the back, down to the bathroom a few seconds earlier and so I decided to check and see what they had been up too. As I entered the kitchen I could smell...what was MY hot chocolate! Sure enough they had been eating out of the hot chocolate tin. I called them back up and this is how the conversation went.

Me: "Who did this?"
Tyson: "Not us!"
Me: "Oh Yes it was...This is MY hot chocolate, not yours!"
Tyson: "Casey, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

I had no response because I didn't want them to see that I wanted to laugh right out loud!

Kids say the funnies things.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Times

Hello, it has been a while. Johnathan has found a good job and enjoying his work. Andie is settled into school and Tyson is enjoying Gymnastics. Currently the kids are sick, runny noses, cough, the works, we are doing lots of wash and drinking lots of water. We have to speak in church on Sunday, I am not looking forward to it, but my parents are going to come up and help with the kids. Johnathan isn't feeling well so I hope he will do fine. I have had my neck adjusted and it is doing much better so hopefully I will be sleeping better at night.

I have to tell you what Tyson said at the doctor today. He had to have his ear flushed and so the doctor got the water ready and let Tyson feel it to make sure it wasn't to hot. Tyson dipped his finger in and looked up very seriously and say, "it is exactly perfect." He is such a hoot. They weighed and measured him and he is 42 inches tall and he weighs 42lbs. I think we are going to start calling him "The Brick!"

Well that is about it from us. Johnathan has rebuild the deck out front and I have gone wild making Christmas presents, I enjoy that kind of thing. I am going to help mom out with some things for her classroom, and then I have some other ideas for Christmas that I will get working on. I like to be ahead of the game, it makes the Holidays more enjoyable for me! Well I will post more later.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Saturday!

Saturday we had the privilege to attend the sealing of Trenton to Tina and Jared. Tina, Johnathan's older sister and her husband have been wanted to adopt a baby for so many years and this spring Trenton was born to an amazing young woman Emily. She had contacted Tina and Jared about adopting him while she was pregnant and Tina was there when he was born and took him home with her two weeks after his birth. After some struggle with the birth father things came together and six months later he was legally theirs. Saturday morning we all met in a sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple to have him sealed to his parents for Time and all Eternity, making him theirs forever. It was a wonderful experience, and I can't think of a more deserving couple. Jared gave him his name and blessing later that day and we enjoyed spending time together as a family. So here is a great big Congratulations to the Troumbly family and we love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Starts

Andie is back in school now. She was a bit nervous about going to a new school and not knowing anyone, but when she got off the bus yesterday she couldn't stop talking about her new friends. I know she is going to love school, she always has, and I think that she is going to make some great friends. The boys are being good and they don't seem to really miss Andie, they play much better together when it is just them. I have been playing the "Teddy Bear" game with them. Tyson has a hard time with his "S" sounds so I have made a list and we say them to correct way together then he gets a gummy bear. Casey likes to play the game too and I figure that he is learning also.

Tyson has started Gymnastics. I wanted him to go to Pre-School this year but I couldn't find one in such sort notice, so we signed him up for Gymnastics instead, think that he is really going to take off, he is already really good at it.

I have started potty training Casey, lets hope it is quick and painless. :) I have the times set and I ask him if he needs to potty every 15 min. I have to come up with some incentive for him, I just haven't figured one out yet.

Johnathan has had some good leads on jobs and I hope something comes about soon, I am starting to stress a bit. Other than that things are well and I will update soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Made It!

Well we made it back to Rexburg. We got in Friday evening, my mom, dad and brother came up to help us unload the truck. It took us about five hours to get here from Hamilton, but that is what we expected. The house is slowly coming together, I hate trying to find places to put everything. It was been kind of nice that we have lived here before so we knew what to expect and general room sizes, that kind of thing. Hopefully the next week or so will be enough to get the house organized and livable. Andie starts school on the 20th and registration is this week. My birthday is on Friday, Happy Birthday to me. Jenna thinks she is so big and she is trying to scoot herself across the floor, before I know it she will be crawling all over. The Kents left a big tire swing outside and the kids have been having a blast on it. Johnathan got the tramp and swing set put up and the huge driveway allows the kids lots of room to ride their bikes. Now all we need is a job! Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Worn out!

Well the truck is 99% packed and we are worn out. Johnathan and I started packing the boxes this morning. I cleaned one of the bathrooms and ran some errands. Johnathan took the last few things off the wall, and moved all of the heavy things around. We had a few guys come and help us and we got all the big things out and into the truck. I guess we are as ready as we are going to be. Tomorrow we will load the last few things and clean the other bathroom, kitchen floor, vacuum and fridge then we well load the van onto the trailer and head out. We are going to take it slow because Johnathan will have the 26 foot truck and the van and I will be driving the truck with the camper on the back. We are looking at getting into Rexburg around 5:00, unpack and hit the sack. Off on another adventure I guess, wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A week ago our friends threw us a going away party and we enjoyed spending time with all our friends before our move this week. Eli is building a nice wooden fence and he had some twin strung along the vertical posts so he would know where to hang the parallel brace posts. Well Tyson took of to play with some of his buddies in the front yard and didn't even see the twine. It hit him just below his nose and flipped him back onto his back throwing his glasses off and cutting up is face, along with a bloody nose. Johnathan got him cleaned up and sent him back out to play. Less then five minutes later he had done it again. Poor kid, he looks like he got in a fight with Mountain Lion! Eli cut the twine down after that, and none of the other kids were caught with twine up their noses.

Family Reunion

We got back from Johnathans Family Reunion in Island Park on Monday. We had a blast!!! We all stayed in a beautiful cabin with 8 rooms and 3 large bathrooms. The kitchen and dinning area were perfect for the large family and there was even a hot tub. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. Our room had a loft in it and Andie and Tyson slept up there the three nights we were gone. Casey slept in the second bed in the room but most of the days you could find the kids in one of the three lofts, they loved to use the glow sticks they got at the auction and play in the dark.

Everyone was able to make it but Charles who could not get a way from Colorado and Tammy who is on a mission in California. We sure missed them and we all took turns writing to them both. James was there and he seemed to struggle with a bit after the Divorce, but it was good to see him! The three newest babies got lots of love and the older kids had a good time being the boss of the younger kids, but they all played well together.

We did have a bit of a scare when Grandpa tried to get out of the tub by himself and slipped. Dad rushed in to help him and checked everything over. He was fine, but we joked that he needed to be more careful or he would have broken the tub. He is built like a horse, but at 94 he needs to be careful! He is very alert and I think he enjoyed spending time with the family, and he loved to watch the kids.

There was lots of game playing, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to ride, and MP3, even the little kids got in on the MP3 playing. It was so funny to watch Casey and Trisha try to play the race car game. They didn't do much, but they sure had a fun time. The auction was great and I got some really cute hair bows for the girls. Andie got just what she wanted and so did Tyson. Casey didn't seem to care really but he was happy with the glow bracelets. Over all I think we had a great time.

Unfortunately we had to come home to the mess and the packing. Oh well, plans are already in motion for next reunion, Dave and Jenn will be in charge this time, I think they will do a great job! Looking forward for Reunion 2010!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decision Have Been Made.

We have made the decision to go back to school, and this involves moving from our wonderful valley. Johnathan has wanted to become and Architect for several years now and we have nothing stopping us now, but our own worries. He had three semesters at BYU-Idaho and then a two to three years for a Masters of Architecture. It has been a long hard decision because he will need to work, and go to school while I stay home and take care of the children. It is going to be a hard few years but with the Lords help we can survive and be better off in the long run. Wish us Luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tysons Birthday

Well we had a fun time with Tysons Birthday. We have never really had a party for him so we decided now was the time. I spent three hours decorating his cake and minutes before the guests arrived Casey raked his hands throught it and destroyed it. Oh Well! It still tasted good. We had some friends over and had a BBQ. He got some fun gifts and the kids enjoyed playing on the tramp and swingset.

I can't believe is so big, it just seems like I had him not long ago. He is super cute in his glasses and he is so fun. I guess before I know it he will be playing football and chasing the girls. That remindes me he had football camp over his birthday and he really enjoyed it. He would come home and show Andie the things that he learned. I think that he is really good at sports because he is built for it. I guess we have a lot of fun years to look forward to spending time with him. Happy Birthday my big boy!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Andie turned seven in March. She is my smarty pants! This Sept. she will start second grade and she can hardly wait, summer is jut to long for her. She was so happy when Jenna came just four days after her birthday. She kept asking me to have Jenna on her birthday, but I told her it wouldn't be as cool as she thought it would be to share a birthday with a little sister. But needless to say Andie was thrilled to finally have a sister. It is a good thing too because she told us that if it was a boy she "wouldn't love it!"

Andie is our learner, and our artist. Last year she was put with a group of gifted artists at school, she did some amazing artwork for her age group. She also teasted at a third grade reading level in the middle of the year. She really loves to read and she can devoure a chapter book in a matter of days. I can only hope that her love of learning can continue as she gets older.

She is also in love with acting and singing. This past Christmas she participated in a community play and she loved every minute of it. She still sings the songs that she learned, it is kind of weird hearing Christmas songs in June, but she enjoys it. I think if she continues to enjoy theater we will try to get her in other plays and things. I want her and I to sing in church, but I guess I just need to get it set up, I think it would be a great experiance for us both.


Tyson is my physical child. He can knock over a NFL Linebacker and keep on running, or snuggle with you to your hearts content. I would say he is my most lovable kid and my most active. Last year we signed him up for football camp and at the ripe old age of four he showed them how to play the game! We got him a football for Christmas the year before and for a while he acctually slept with it. We have him signed up for camp again this year and he is really looking forward to it.

Even though he will be turning five in July I am going keep he home again this year. He doesn't share his sisters love of learning, although he is super brite! He enjoys working on the Alphabet and writing and drawing he doesn't quite have the ability to sit and listen yet. He will be attending preschool and he is excited about that, I am too because it will be one less kid for two hours on Tuesday and Thrusday.

Tyson recently got glasses. I took him for a School screening and found out that he was nearly blind in his right eye he was going to stop using that eye soon and it would have become a lazy eye. He is doing really good at waring them, but his has broken them and mangled them a bit over the past few months, but he is learning. I also think he looks stinken cute in them. He defanatly is one very special little boy, and I am so glad he is in our family!


Casey is Mister Personality! As number three he had to learn to livewithout some things, and what he missed out in he makes up for with his joyful personality. He never goes a moment without doing something noteworthy. His face and body expressions are enought to make the grumpiest old man smile. On top of that he is a mans man, we fought him for months to go into nursery at church, but the second a guy came into the room he was happy as a clam. I guess he was born ready to hang with the guys. It might have something to do with the fact that his daddy watched football during labor, and almost immediatly after the birh.

Casey is so differant than the other kids. He was born with silver blond hair that stuck up three inches from the top of his head. The color didn't change, so he is very different looking and his dark dark eyelashes are so long they frame is blue eyes beautifully. He also is more content to, just be, than Andie and Tyson. He can play for hours by himself, or with the dog and not need to be entertained in the least. He is generally easy going and happy, althought the terrible twos and threes have taken a toll on his bubbly personality. Never the less a silly face is never far away.

Casey has shown some interest in music and learning although untill recently we havn't been able to understand a single thing he has said. I think he is just more interested in taking it all in, than talking, again I think that is because he is so easy going. He is also far more interested in helping Daddy, he follows Johnathan around and is always willing to lend a hand, helpful or not. He is defanatly a personality we love having around.


Jenna is the sister of suprise! We were a bit supised and overwhelmed when we learned she would be joining our family. My Father-in-law likes to say "When you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." Well that is what happend with Jenna. We had a garage sale and got rid of all our baby stuff, we were going to be done. Well two weeks later I was pregnant! After the initial shock we started prepairing for a new baby.

Andie was so excited when we found out it was a girl, she waited a long time for a sister. Even Tyson was excited, he is a very good big brother! Well after 17 weeks of being really sick and two rather large months, four days after Andies B-day I want into labor on my own (a first for me.) The story is rather long and pretty scary, but after a very short and intensly painful labor, Johnathan safely delivered, or rather, caught, Jenna at 6:25 am. How many dads get to say that!?!

Since her arrival she has been a joy. The only one who really had a hard to adjusting was Cookie, my dog, but she has gotten better. Jenna is a great eater, as apperant in her rapid weight gain. She was born just as diggerent as Casey, but compleaty opposit. She has dark hair like Johnathans and her eyes are the darkest blue I have ever seen. On top of being extreamly beautiful she is very happy and content. I also have some really good helpers who are almost always willing to help giver her lots of loves and attention.

Now at almost four months she has developed such a fun personality and has really made her place in our family. Even though we were suprised to have her, we wouldn't trade her for the world.

Crazy Days!

We have a family reunion this summer in Island Park and I have been franticly trying to make stuffed animals for the family auction we have to raise money for future reunions. In trying to finish them I have compleatly let my house go to the kids. I walked into the kitchen this morning to find no clean cups and a sink full of dishes. AHHHH! Who wouldn't put a dishwasher in a house? If we were not renting I would march right out today and get one! It is hard to put projects away and do responsible mommy things, like clean the house and fold that load of laundry that has been in the dryer (it's dry) for two days. Of course if I wasn't posting on here I would be getting somethng done. : ) Oh well, like that country song says, "I'm going to miss this." Right???