Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Saturday!

Saturday we had the privilege to attend the sealing of Trenton to Tina and Jared. Tina, Johnathan's older sister and her husband have been wanted to adopt a baby for so many years and this spring Trenton was born to an amazing young woman Emily. She had contacted Tina and Jared about adopting him while she was pregnant and Tina was there when he was born and took him home with her two weeks after his birth. After some struggle with the birth father things came together and six months later he was legally theirs. Saturday morning we all met in a sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple to have him sealed to his parents for Time and all Eternity, making him theirs forever. It was a wonderful experience, and I can't think of a more deserving couple. Jared gave him his name and blessing later that day and we enjoyed spending time together as a family. So here is a great big Congratulations to the Troumbly family and we love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Starts

Andie is back in school now. She was a bit nervous about going to a new school and not knowing anyone, but when she got off the bus yesterday she couldn't stop talking about her new friends. I know she is going to love school, she always has, and I think that she is going to make some great friends. The boys are being good and they don't seem to really miss Andie, they play much better together when it is just them. I have been playing the "Teddy Bear" game with them. Tyson has a hard time with his "S" sounds so I have made a list and we say them to correct way together then he gets a gummy bear. Casey likes to play the game too and I figure that he is learning also.

Tyson has started Gymnastics. I wanted him to go to Pre-School this year but I couldn't find one in such sort notice, so we signed him up for Gymnastics instead, think that he is really going to take off, he is already really good at it.

I have started potty training Casey, lets hope it is quick and painless. :) I have the times set and I ask him if he needs to potty every 15 min. I have to come up with some incentive for him, I just haven't figured one out yet.

Johnathan has had some good leads on jobs and I hope something comes about soon, I am starting to stress a bit. Other than that things are well and I will update soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Made It!

Well we made it back to Rexburg. We got in Friday evening, my mom, dad and brother came up to help us unload the truck. It took us about five hours to get here from Hamilton, but that is what we expected. The house is slowly coming together, I hate trying to find places to put everything. It was been kind of nice that we have lived here before so we knew what to expect and general room sizes, that kind of thing. Hopefully the next week or so will be enough to get the house organized and livable. Andie starts school on the 20th and registration is this week. My birthday is on Friday, Happy Birthday to me. Jenna thinks she is so big and she is trying to scoot herself across the floor, before I know it she will be crawling all over. The Kents left a big tire swing outside and the kids have been having a blast on it. Johnathan got the tramp and swing set put up and the huge driveway allows the kids lots of room to ride their bikes. Now all we need is a job! Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Worn out!

Well the truck is 99% packed and we are worn out. Johnathan and I started packing the boxes this morning. I cleaned one of the bathrooms and ran some errands. Johnathan took the last few things off the wall, and moved all of the heavy things around. We had a few guys come and help us and we got all the big things out and into the truck. I guess we are as ready as we are going to be. Tomorrow we will load the last few things and clean the other bathroom, kitchen floor, vacuum and fridge then we well load the van onto the trailer and head out. We are going to take it slow because Johnathan will have the 26 foot truck and the van and I will be driving the truck with the camper on the back. We are looking at getting into Rexburg around 5:00, unpack and hit the sack. Off on another adventure I guess, wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A week ago our friends threw us a going away party and we enjoyed spending time with all our friends before our move this week. Eli is building a nice wooden fence and he had some twin strung along the vertical posts so he would know where to hang the parallel brace posts. Well Tyson took of to play with some of his buddies in the front yard and didn't even see the twine. It hit him just below his nose and flipped him back onto his back throwing his glasses off and cutting up is face, along with a bloody nose. Johnathan got him cleaned up and sent him back out to play. Less then five minutes later he had done it again. Poor kid, he looks like he got in a fight with Mountain Lion! Eli cut the twine down after that, and none of the other kids were caught with twine up their noses.

Family Reunion

We got back from Johnathans Family Reunion in Island Park on Monday. We had a blast!!! We all stayed in a beautiful cabin with 8 rooms and 3 large bathrooms. The kitchen and dinning area were perfect for the large family and there was even a hot tub. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. Our room had a loft in it and Andie and Tyson slept up there the three nights we were gone. Casey slept in the second bed in the room but most of the days you could find the kids in one of the three lofts, they loved to use the glow sticks they got at the auction and play in the dark.

Everyone was able to make it but Charles who could not get a way from Colorado and Tammy who is on a mission in California. We sure missed them and we all took turns writing to them both. James was there and he seemed to struggle with a bit after the Divorce, but it was good to see him! The three newest babies got lots of love and the older kids had a good time being the boss of the younger kids, but they all played well together.

We did have a bit of a scare when Grandpa tried to get out of the tub by himself and slipped. Dad rushed in to help him and checked everything over. He was fine, but we joked that he needed to be more careful or he would have broken the tub. He is built like a horse, but at 94 he needs to be careful! He is very alert and I think he enjoyed spending time with the family, and he loved to watch the kids.

There was lots of game playing, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to ride, and MP3, even the little kids got in on the MP3 playing. It was so funny to watch Casey and Trisha try to play the race car game. They didn't do much, but they sure had a fun time. The auction was great and I got some really cute hair bows for the girls. Andie got just what she wanted and so did Tyson. Casey didn't seem to care really but he was happy with the glow bracelets. Over all I think we had a great time.

Unfortunately we had to come home to the mess and the packing. Oh well, plans are already in motion for next reunion, Dave and Jenn will be in charge this time, I think they will do a great job! Looking forward for Reunion 2010!