Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Times

Hello, it has been a while. Johnathan has found a good job and enjoying his work. Andie is settled into school and Tyson is enjoying Gymnastics. Currently the kids are sick, runny noses, cough, the works, we are doing lots of wash and drinking lots of water. We have to speak in church on Sunday, I am not looking forward to it, but my parents are going to come up and help with the kids. Johnathan isn't feeling well so I hope he will do fine. I have had my neck adjusted and it is doing much better so hopefully I will be sleeping better at night.

I have to tell you what Tyson said at the doctor today. He had to have his ear flushed and so the doctor got the water ready and let Tyson feel it to make sure it wasn't to hot. Tyson dipped his finger in and looked up very seriously and say, "it is exactly perfect." He is such a hoot. They weighed and measured him and he is 42 inches tall and he weighs 42lbs. I think we are going to start calling him "The Brick!"

Well that is about it from us. Johnathan has rebuild the deck out front and I have gone wild making Christmas presents, I enjoy that kind of thing. I am going to help mom out with some things for her classroom, and then I have some other ideas for Christmas that I will get working on. I like to be ahead of the game, it makes the Holidays more enjoyable for me! Well I will post more later.