Friday, May 14, 2010

Packing, Garage Sale, Moving

Always something at our house. Like I mentioned before Johnathan was offered a very nice job with Walsh Engineering and we accepted it. Because of that we decided that we should move to Idaho Falls. After about two days of looking we stumbled across a nice sized home on the west side for rent and a few days later we found out that we could have it. Now we are planning a move. The kids are done with school on the 27th of this month and we are headed out on the 28th. It will be nice to be moved and out of the boxes and mess that we have made in he house.

Tomorrow we are having a garage sale in hopes that we can get rid of a few things so we don't have to haul it off to the new house. The kids are kind of excited about being able to sale a few of their things to help with the Disneyland fund for next summer. It is going to be a wonderful warm day tomorrow and so we are going to enjoy the sun.

The best part about the move is that for two years Johnathan has been traveling from Rexburg to Idaho Falls everyday about 28 miles one way to an 8 minute drive one way. It will be very good for time and money of travel. Over all we are excited about this next adventure in our lives.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lots has happend!

So much has happened in the past little while I thought I would update. We had two birthdays, Andie and Jenna, that weekend Ben came home on leave and we had a good time with him while he was here. I went to girls weekend with my sister-in-law's and we had a blast!!!

Jenna's Cake

Andie's Cake

Last week Johnathan graduated from BYU-Idaho with his Bachelors Degree. It was a busy weekend and we had family up for a BBQ Saturday. I am so proud of him sticking it out and going to school full time and working as much as possible, I got myself a great man!!


Last Friday I received an email from the Editors at Avalon and they requested a full manuscript of Sweetwater Springs. Needless to say I was thrilled and today the beautiful package went in the mail. I know that it is going to take a lot of waiting but I have been doing that for two years so I think this will be ok.

Sweetwater Springs

Other than that, Johnathan received a very good offer from Walsh Engineering in Idaho Falls so we will be moving there in June as soon as the kids are done with school. We are very much looking forward to staying close to family and working so we can buy a house sometime next year. So all in all lots of GOOD things have happened to us and I am very thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Having a Boy Moment!

Casey had a boy moment yesterday when he had a run in with the bunk beds and had to go for stitches. When we heard him crying we didn't think much of it because it was a normal bump cry, not a "I cut my head open," cry so when he came out with blood running down his face we were surprised.

After cleaning him up a bit I hauled him over to Community Care and the Doctor told us he would need stitches. The nurse put a little numbing gel on it and we hung out for a few minutes until it was was numb. The Doctor came in and asked Casey to lay down, then he draped the wound and put three stitches in, Casey never cried or anything. When the Doctor was done all Casey said was "Thank you Doctor." Pleased as punch he hopped down and went for his toy. I was so proud of him for being so brave, all he asked was that I hold his hand.

So there we go, Casey's first set of stitches. I am pretty sure that they won't be his last, but if every time goes as smoothly as these ones did maybe we will all survive. Every boy needs a right of passage I guess.