Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kid Update

I just thought I would post some updated pics of the kids and a little info on them.

Andie is done with 2nd grade, she was kinda sad about school getting over, but she is looking forward to 3rd grade. There are lots of things she is excited about this summer and when she feels like it she is a great helper.

Tyson is enjoying Gymnastics a whole lot! He is so strong and it is fun for him to work on the different apparatuses. He likes it when Andie is home and they are spending a lot of time outside. I think he is looking forward to Kindergarten in the fall, and riding the same bus as Andie.

Casey is starting to talk and talk and talk. He is super cute and likes to tell us stories. He also is big into telling me how much he loves me, I really like that. He too is enjoying having Andie home and riding his bike in the nice weather.

Jenna got her first haircut the other day, and now she looks all grown up. She is exploring her facial expressions and has learned to climb up on chairs, couches and even beds, she is going to keep me hopping I am sure! We are hoping to fend off the crib climbing and are currently enjoying her sleeping though the night, but who knows how long that will last.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sending off a Soldier

This last weekend my parents and brother and I went to Colorado Springs to send my brother Ben off to War. It was a wonderful weekend, and we spent a lot of time together just enjoying each others company. We went to the aquarium and then walked down by the river, attended Church with him at his ward and laughed together talking about old times and what we remember of him growing up. I was 11 years old when he was born and so there were a lot of things to talk about. Sunday night was the hardest. We enjoyed some dinner together then quietly discusses his funeral arrangements. These are things that had to be talked about, but no one ever wants to know what there 19 year old brother wants on the day he is buried. It was hard not to focus on the fact that we may never see him alive on this earth again.

Even with the idea of a last reunion playing in the back of our minds we were able to really have a good time. Ben showed us all the places he likes to eat and then we hiked up to 7 falls and went though some old tunnels up on the mountain. It was so beautiful there even though it rained most of the time. The lightning was amazing to watch and it stayed cool for our hiking and other activities.

Ben will be flying out on Friday to serve the country he loves. He feels so strongly about this and it is truly what he wants to do. Please pray for our Soldiers, they are out fighting a cause that is worthy and great. The next time you see an American flag think about all those families who quietly discussed the funerals of their sons and daughters, and then think about all of those families who have fulfilled those wishes so that we can have what we have today, tomorrow, and forever.