Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing Family!!!

Janalyn and Jake
Jacob, Janalyn and Paige are Hoping to Adopt

This is my dear friend Janalyn. We were roommates in Collage what seems like a hundred years ago, but she was the first true friend I had when I moved away from home. We were fast friends and spent countless nights laying awake and talk about anything and everything. We both had a great desire to be a wives and mothers. One night we got into a silly mood and went down to the piano room and sang together into the wee hours of the morning, then went back to our apartment and made bread. It turned out horribly but we ate it anyway and laughed about it.

The first thing that struck me so much about Jana was that she was incredibly beautiful. She was tall, about six inches taller than me, and she just oozed grace and elegance. But it didn't take me long to realized that she was beautiful on the inside also. She was sweet and generous, fun and full of energy, and had a love for life, art, beautiful things, good food, music, and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, also my favorite Disney Princess. We could talk about anything, and we did. I knew that anyone who was fortunate enought to have Janalyn in their live, was a very lucky person.

When Jana introduced me to Jake I knew there could be no more perfect couple in the world. Jake adored Jana and they matched so perfectly in looks, kindness, generosity, and love. It would be no mystery that their children would be equal in all of these things. For years I hoped for them to have a baby. I hurt when she did, and wanted so much for them to find the happiness that came from being parents. They were so righteous and loving to everyone it seemed natural that they would receive that gift anytime. But the years went on. I can only imagine that pain they suffered with, and the questions that they must have had for our Heavenly Father, but through it all they endured, and continued to trust in Him.

The day I read her blog, and saw the picture of her looking so beautiful with that little tummy of hers I cried. Jana was going to be a mommy!!! I couldn't help but think about all those times we had talked, laughed and cried together, and I felt a great overwhelming joy for her and her wonderful husband.

The day Paige was born I gathered my kids around and showed them Aunt Jana's new little angle. It was a happy day for my family, but I can only imagine what feeling and emotions Jake and Jana must be feeling. I was so happy for them that they had gotten a perfect little angel from Heaven.

A few months ago Jana let me know that they were seeking to adopt. This is a special thing for me because I was adopted at birth. I know something of the patients that comes from Adoption, and what kind of love it takes to be ready for such an amazing gift, I knew that Jake and Jana had that special love. I know that, without a doubt, when their next blessing comes into this world, that they will welcome him or her with open arms. This amazing family has so much capacity to love and they will make any child feel that love. Paige, I know, has the same love her parents do. I know that she will make a great big sister and that there is someone out there who can give her that opportunity. I am so grateful that my friend has asked me to help her with this wonderful new adventure. Please, if any one you know can help this family with their next little blessing, listen to your heart and contact me, or them. I can't think of a more deserving little family!!

So Very Long Ago

It has been forever since I updated this blog. We have moved into a wonderful little neighborhood and the kids enjoy having friends so close they can play with. Our ward is very nice and Johnathan and I have both excepted callings in the scouting program, we are both very busy but it is fun.

Sweetwater is still out with Avalon, I have not heard anything but hope something will come about in the next couple of months, it is very hard to wait though. I am still writing and enjoy spending time with my writing group on Wednesday evenings at the library. It is inspirational to go and listen to them and work on our writing together. I did Nanowrimo again this year and have fallen in love with my story. I might put a descritption of it on here some time.

The children are getting big. Andie and Tyson enjoy school and are both working very hard. Casey is still home with me, he will go to Kindergarten next year, I am a little sad about that because he is my buddy and we enjoy Casey Mommy time while Jenna naps. He told me it would be ok when he went to school though because he wouldn't miss me. I am glad for that. Jenna is full of personality. She made the great step onto toddlerhood when she was potty trained over November and December. She is doing great and I can't believe she is such a big girl. I will try to get some new pictures up of them all.

Christmas was wonderful. Santa did a great job this year and everyone was happy. We enjoyed time with family also. My brother and his wife came up from Colorado and we got to spend time with them. Also Mom and Dad Duncan came up for a visit between missions, it was sure fun to have them and learn about Guam and what they did there. We will miss them when they leave again but it is such a blessing to have them serve so willingly.

Well that is a brief catch up. Hopefully this year I can do a better job keeping this up to date. Welcome 2011!!