Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Craft

I enjoy working on crafts, especially during the holidays and I decided to make the girls their names in wood for Christmas. I loved the way they turned out, even though I forgot to get a picture of Jenna's finished product (I will post them after she opens it.) So first I decided what font I wanted and then traced it onto the wood and cut it out with my scroll saw, then I sanded each letter lightly around the edges and drilled a hole in the back so we could hang them on the wall.
Then I decided where I wanted the paper. I used two different kinds of paper the top paper covers the first 6 inches of the top of the letters. I measured each letter and drew a line so I knew where to glue the paper. Next I painted the sides and around the top edges of each letter. Andie's are black and Jenna's are pink. Then I traced the paper so I knew where to cut. I turned the letters over and drew on the back of the paper so I wouldn't have trace marks.
I used a strong adhesive called E-6000 and glued the paper to the wood. Once I got the paper on I cut some glittery scrap booking ribbon and covered the spots where the paper met, then I decorated with scrap booking flowers. (Jenna's are dragonflies, so cute!)
I was really pleased with the outcome. I had the wood in my garage so I spent maybe $10 bucks on paper and embellishments, not too bad for two Christmas Presents.

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